Why Lease?
Why ‘make do’ with equipment that ‘won’t do’? Whether you are a sole trader, a PLC or a government department, cash flow is the life blood of business. Our flexible leasing solutions can give you the tools your business needs to stay competitive – rather than what cash flow may dictate or capital budgets restrict.

– Ease of use

  • Simple paperwork – one signature required
  • Immediate implementation
  • Combine expenditure and services into one agreement paid over a predetermined timescale

– Tax benefits

  • Leasing is 100% off-settable against pre-tax profits

– Budget Management

  • Fixed monthly payments for accurate budgeting
  • Upgrade whenever you choose
  • Payment model reflects project gains
  • Preferred option for budget holders and business sponsors

– Avoids capital expenditure & budget constraints

  • Cash is becoming more important
  • Financing removes the need to find capital budget
  • Avoids competition for funds from other IT projects
  • Keeps your capital working for you
  • Protects your overdraft and optimizes your commercial credit
  • Opens new credit lines

– Flexible payments

  • Choose from 1 to 5 year terms
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual payments
  • Payments can be adjusted seasonally
  • Low start payments where applicable
  • Lease rental, lease purchase or operating leases
  • Technology exchange rental

– Technology Gains

  • Enables best-fit technology not compromised by capital constraints
  • Easy upgrade path maintaining revenue budgets

Business benefits from today’s technology using tomorrow’s money.